ZPM610 series of intelligent electric meters is the newest generation of intelligent power distribution equipment that developed byTaian Huadian intelligent technology corporation.  Our corporation owns relevant certifications of intellectual property.  Also, our company owns national license for manufacture about producing measuring instrument, national admission of measuring instruments type,  national certificate of registered work, certificated software, and so on. Recently, there are several manufacturers in Wenzhou, Hunan, Henan, etc,  violet our copyright of products.  They treated the inferior products as good ones with producing without any license.  They cheated clients and harmed our customers and our economic benefits.  We would like to remind everyone to be careful when you purchase products; in order to avoid being cheated, and prevent the customers and power supply systems from avoidable losses.  In addition, our company reserve all the rights for any investigation of illegal actions of these unauthorized manufactures.
     Taian Huadian intelligent technology LTD located at the High-new-tech district of Taian City. We are a synthetic new technical corporation that combines R&Dselling...[more]
  Contact : Manager Chen
  phone : 0538-6803518
  fax : 0538-6803458
  E-mail:[email protected]
  address:No.1110 Nantianmen
   Av.Building A15,High-New-tech    district, Taian
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